Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Leave me be

In the midst of unconformity there is struggle.
I am struggling.

Chaos is a bliss compared to this silent argument i have in my head.
How can I start? I am too afraid even to think I can get out of this.

Someone, save me.

When u feel too scared and helpless, u get scared to do anything about it when really u can do something.

U just have to start.

Oh why, love?
I only see you in other people's shadow.
To even look at you is an error, to dream about you is bearing hope, i know will end in sorrow.

Take a step back, You are almost crossing the line.
This is the point where we will meet every day without it being a crime.

I know. I see it too. It gets clearer every second.
We must not. we can not. we shall not.

I have another war to fight. Let me be.
Leave me be.

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