Wednesday, April 29, 2009

--home after 2 months--

I'll be going home tonight. Back to my home town. Finding what I think I have forgotten. It will be a well spent weekend with my folks.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

An hour 'ish' with a personal trainer

My arms are sore. I can't actually lift my arms higher than my head. This is torture. Thanx to mr Sean (urm..something..I didn't quite catch his surname) I am now officially incapable of even shampooing my hair properly. Haish....Ok2. How did I get to be in this condition? Good question.
Last Night, I went to the gym. I signed up last month and I finally got to have my free 1 hour personal trainer service (hmmm..that doesn't sound quite right..service). He called me up on Monday to set up an appointment.I had to ask Ina first because we signed up together. We agreed to go on Wednesday for an appointment at 7.30pm. The train was reasonably 'spacious' yesterday, with me getting on the train at 6.45 pm which was way past the rush hour. Anyway, a smooth ride did not guarantee a smooth workout session at the gym. Huuuu..
It was funny though. When this Sean dude called me, I knew he was an Indian guy.When I asked Ina if she preferred male trainers, she jumped and said "Hell YEAH !!". I obviously did not care since I never went through the process before. So, I never made a call to ask for a substitute female trainer. Anyway, we got there, me and Ina. We asked for Sean at the receptionist. Before that, I already saw an Indian guy trainer looking at me and Ina. He was like, do I put this nicely----> one trainer that can be good at what he does but not at how he looks. HEHE..that was pretty harsh.I'm being honest. I thought to myself 'it's the knowledge that matters, not who it is from'. HUHU..Me being the positive girl.So, the receptionist announced SEAN's name on the audio system and down came Sean the personal trainer. WAhhh!!! It was not the same dude. It was definitely Sean who is a trainer that can be good at what he does and at how he looks. KEhkehKehkeh..!!
So, he asked both of us to warm up on the treadmill.A good 15 minute run with a speed of 7.5 KmpH on the treadmill is a good warm up people.Thank God I still had the stamina.I thought he was gonna make me run a good half an hour just to torture me and see if I was cut out to actually workout at a gym. Fooh!! I made it through round one.
After the run, we were served with multiple ways of weight liftings with our legs and arms. Man, these people know how to turn your whole body sore.Our appetizers started with knee bending on the machine (I remember none of the machines' names). Up and down my knee went. That was not really bad. The whole lower part of my body was actually pretty strong.
Later, we were introduced to these machines that were supposed to do wonders to your upper body.First machine, I did great. Second machine, i went "Mommy, help ME.." in a very slow voice inside my head that I myself could not hear. I could not finish the second set. I actually left the thing hanging on my head while my arms collapsed on my lap. The only reason that thing did not knock me on my head was because 'dear tough and strong' Sean was only holding it with his left hand--->SHOW OFF!! And then 'dear strong and tough' Sean went to become 'dear sweet and kind' Sean when he said these 'kind' words"Your mind is not strong enough, you can actually do this". Thank you Sean for that motivation. Anybody could still lift a 30 kg box eventhough they can feel their arms breaking like a matchstick. Haiyak...!! All I could manage to say was "YOU are EVIL". This time it was not a small voice in my head. He heard it. I said it with the very little strenght left in me, but he heard it. He just laughed. Right right Sean. Just brush it aside.
And then, from one machine we went to another. I was a little confused. He only taught us how to use two machines to work our legs out and like a gazillion machines to work our upper body out. Is there a discrimination against machines for lower body work out that I don't know about?Hurm..
Later at the changing room, I could not push the key inside the lock of my locker on the first try. My fingers were trembling. My whole arms were. When I was showering, I could not lift my hands high enough to shampoo my hair properly. Ughh. It was not a good shower I tell you. Anyway, he tried to be charming and all very friendly and nice and motivational but he did not get us to book him as our personal trainer. Poor Sean.Huhuhu..Maybe next time. Oh yeah, he sort of made a bet with me. He told me to come look for him a year from now and see if I would look different after working out for a year without a trainer. Well Sean, the bet is ON. See you in a year.Who knows, you might not even recognise me.

Friday, April 3, 2009


This morning is not the same as every morning I came to love for the past year. Every morning, I come to work and see Niki already at her work station doing her things or chores assigned by Dr Wan. Not today. She was not at her usual place this morning. I did not hear her 'Good Morning Nadi' greet that she always gave me everytime I walk towards her to get to my room. I did not get to say good morning back. She is not here anymore. Haish...Missing her already. I know this is temporary but, it is just not the same anymore.