Tuesday, December 8, 2009

..hurt A little, HEAL a LOT..

I came across this photo on the net.
It is nothing special, just a gloved hand, a bare hand and a syringe.
I just really like the quote that came with the photo.
"Sometime it hurts a little to heal a lot"
Right now, I guess I am healing.
I made myself realize that there are other good, better things in my life besides those people who take pride in hurting me.
I am fine.
I am not okay with it.
But, I am fine.
I just have to keep telling myself that God wants this to happen to me.
It is His own special way of educating me better in this subject called 'Life'.
Oh, dear God, I am learning...I am.
I tried to see pass the anger and the heartbreak that came along with the 'test'.
I tried and I understood a little.
A little means a lot to me.
There will be more of 'this' coming in the future and most probably with intensified effects and drama.
I guess this is a little preparation God has made for me so that when a worse kind of 'this' happens again, it would not take me off guard or rob me off my spirit.
God wants me to be ready.
Yes, I know 'this' will happen again.
Because you can never truly know people.
1 minute they praise you, the second they just can't stop talking bad about you.
One minute they are your friends, the second they are your enemies.
Yes, as long as there are reproductions, 'this' will happen again.
Funny though.
They can be your enemies.
Then, they are your friends again when they want a favour from you.
Funny, funny, funny.
Have they no self respect?
Have they no shame?
Have they no integrity?
I do not have any kind of respect for these people.
They do not care if they are not right.
It only matters when they are the majority.
It is okay to be wrong.
As long as you are the majority.
Because majority wins over a single unit.
Because then, you get to talk about the victory.
Like Napolean, Like Dictators.
How are these people any different?
One of them, will not have a stand.
One is greedy.
One wants to have all.
The majority and the minority.
Isn't there a term for this 'one'?
Mole, rat, snitch, traitor....Backstabber?
Pick one.
I can't.
God will not bestow on His servant a test she/he can not endure.
Thank you God...I am Healing.