Thursday, May 28, 2009

May in review

Ok..I've practically watched pretty much every movie ever screened in May, like 5 movies. Last week alone, i watched 3 movies (Star Trek, Night at the Museum, Monsters vs Aliens). Two movies with my housemate, n one with Niki. Early tis month, I went to watch 'Bohsia: Jangan Pilih Jalan Hitam' which translates 'Bohsia: Don't make the wrong choice' (ngeh..I'm guessing that is the exact translation). The second week I went to watch X-Men Origins:Wolverine. All movies were pretty cool. Yeah yeah, including 'Bohsia'. I admit that i was a little skeptical about the movie. Yeah, I usually go for the entertainment value when I watch a movie and maybe sometimes the idea that the director is trying to convey in the movie. But, with this movie I didn't know which value to go for. I didn't think it was worth paying RM10 to watch this particular movie which I knew I could watch via ASTRO during Raya ala FOC. Get it? Huhuhu..I watched it anyway. It was not that disappointing. What I'm trying to say, it held me interested till the end which was by the way a little bit roughly done. The director (which happens to be at the same age as i am) could polish the ending a lttle bit. Like, maybe he could envision what these morally degraded people could do to be better or what the society could do to help these people. Throughout the movie, the director showed scenes of what these so called 'community trash' do with their lives---> immoral acts leading towards self destruction which by the way we all know what already. So, nothing new there. So maybe, just maybe he could have tried to be deeper and get us to think what we can do to help. Because, it is a national problem. Not just the people involved. Hurm..maybe it's the young age. The director tried I guess.
Night at the museum 2? Well, I am not sure why it hit box office benchmark at its first week screening in USA since the first one was way better than this one. I mean, the comedy was there. They tried, so hard to the point where they forced you to laugh just because they tell the audience 'this should be a funny scene so you'd better laugh eventhough u don't think it's that funny'. NO. I don't understand why it became box office. Maybe it is a family movie, so everybody was relieved they could finally bring their whining children, nephews, nieces, grandchildren to the cinema and watch a movie as families. Haish.. So, lucky for the team i guess. Wolverine, Monsters, and Star Trek are great. Ngeh...i'd watch them again and again and again any day. hehe..well maybe not Monsters vs Aliens because there were too many children watching with us that it felt like we were in a nursery or a daycare. Hahaha...Anyway, the gang planned to go watch Terminator Salvation this Friday. But, maybe not. Maybe we'll go next week. BUMMER...! I was looking forward to watching this movie since ever..Never mind. As long as i get to watch it...