Thursday, September 10, 2009

Me described from the zodiac point of view...Huh?

She will stand out of the crowd on the street. Leo woman normally tall or rather tall. You will hardly see a short thick woman. When she walks she walk like a queen, confident and does not look around, though as if there is no one around her. She will dress in her own style not according to fashion. She is confident of what she choose to wear. Do not buy cheap cloths where they sell in dozen for her as a gift, she will hate it. Also do not buy cloths that do not reflect her confident personality. She likes unique and strange cloths and accessories. Being different is what she loves.
If you want to know her, take times and be patient because she is selective about people she mingles with. She's open minded, but yet she is not letting people get to close to her easily. She likes sweet words and compliments, but not too much. She smiles with anyone, but inside she thinks she is borne to be a leader. She likes to be in control because it is in her nature instinct. She is a graceful woman , and she has a magnetic charisma, so expect tough competition.
She is a very proud person, so do not do anything to challenge her confident. She can be mad and act like a hurricane, and later can be like an innocent kitten, but do not fall for her O.K. She remembers everything and likes to cherish her sweet memory, so if you find her old photo albums with her ex-boyfriend or love letters that will make you puke, take it easy. She is keeping her sweet memory does not mean she still in love with the old fool, so you do not have to panic. She will have many guys run after her, so if you have advantage of a good background family, or a famous last name, a successful career then it's a plus.
She hates to be poor and she thinks love will not pay bills. She is a sport type and love sports. If you want to date her, prepare to spend big bugs, for your first dinner with her can not be a hot dog stand, but better be the best place in town. She is a generous person, so do not be surprise if she give you a gift more expensive than what you gave her. She likes extravaganza, no cheap gift, no cheap dinner please. Being poor or broke make her depress. If you do not have lots of money, be creative and make your own gift for her. It's unique quality and times spending making it for her is a big deal. You can think economical, but do not be cheap.
1- I can be considered tall. I walk at 1.68 m of height everyday. I don't wear heels. So, no, I don't walk like a queen cuz queens usually wear heels--> they have to, it's compulsory.
2- I do like to be different and wear my own style (though I'm not sure what it is) and am also confident walking in what i wear. I do love expensive stuffs, who doesn't? But, I adore cheap stuffs. I live and breathe in them everyday. You won't find any Louis Vuitton laying around my closet anytime soon. Anytime i get a cheap bargain, say a RM5 shirt, I would be calling my best friend to brag about it simply cuz I get a cool shirt for just RM5. Haha..
3-Ok, I love mingling. Yeah, I have trouble letting people in easily. I learnt the hard way not to do that on a regular basis anymore like I used to back in the days. But, i dont think I am that selective with the people I mingle with. I have friends who've been to jails for drugs, stealing and all sorts of other misconducts---> My mom better not be reading this. Still, I am friends with them cause I know myself better not to follow in their foot steps.
4-I do not think I was born to be a leader. Actually I'd prefer to have a leader in front of me anytime of the day. Being a leader is hard work u know. I do not take that task lighty which is why I would gladly give way to other realiable individual to fill the seat.
5-I do not get mad like a hurricane. I am a very rational person. There has been a lot of ocassions in which I kept my cool where other normal people would blow up. Ask my friends, how many times have they seen me get mad? U can expect long pauses from them.
Huh. well...I do not get the whole zodiac thing. They missed describing my personalities by miles..i guess u really can't categorize people. There are 6 BILLION people in the world. How can you divide them into just 12 groups of characters? Trust me, there are 6 billion type of people on this world today...I'm just one person, one character, one ME.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

..Of admiration and youth..

Not doing anything much. I know I have a lot to do. But, right now I can't be doing anything. u know when the adrenaline juice is not flowing. That's what i am in shortage right now. Some adrenaline.
This morning I read a very interesting blog. The author is a female 27 year old english lecturer. Her blog is in BM. She has a very nice way of putting words together to tell her stories. She makes it interesting. It's not very artsy, but very creative. She keeps me reading entry to entry. I wish I had the creativity to write like her. From the first word that she wrote, to the last of every entry, I just had this overwhelming admiration for her. I still have.
And hey, have I mentioned---->I've turned 25. Booohhoooo..!!!
A quater of a century old, FINALLY !!
Heck, I still feel like I'm 17.
Sheesh..People make me feel 17.
Early last month, a salesgirl who was 3 years younger thought i was still in Secondary school.
Is it the face or the way I dress up (which by the way, is not really what people call 'dressing up') when I go out?. hurm...the riddle just continue to surprise.
Oh, not forgetting my mom's friend who thought I just finished SPM after i graduated from UKM in 2006 (I was 22). Well, I looked 17 three years ago. i'm not sure how old i looked when the salesgirl thought I was still in secondary school (probably younger--->Heee!!). But, hey..youth is a good thing. I hope i look 17 forever

Friendly Reminder: I will not succumb to BOTOX in order to achieve that in the future.

Happy Ramadhan and Happy Birthday Malaysia !!!