Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New, new, NeW

It was noon. The traffic was bearably okay. There we were, me and Kak Sal, in the car, on our way to the---->SALON. Heee....I know right. Me and Salon don't really mix. Hee..But, I was in a desperate need of a haircut. Hadn't let a pair of scissors touch my hair since Jan 1st 2009 which was 6 months ago. I was contemplating about what kind of style I wanted for my new haircut, for about 2 weeks. I wanted the Bob Cut and I also wanted something manageable. And the stylist talked me into doing something less radical if I wanted something manageable. Heee..he was right. So, i settled for something that I would usually go for, which was layered and thinned ends. Huhu..he did a pretty darn good job. It felt like he didn't do anything much, but the result was satisfying/perfection. Okay, saying perfection would be too much a compliment for him, but he did his job great and I walked out of the salon a satisfied customer. Huuu...did I mention, he was cute too. Hee...having a cute guy playing with your hair for 2 hours, would be the experience of a lifetime. Hahaha..nah...I was stretching that too much. He was nice, of course he should be. I was a client. And no, I don't think he was gay. Believe it or not, there are guys out there who are comfortable with their masculinity and not afraid to show their feminine side. This guy for instance, in my opinion was passionate about his work because I think he sees his job as an expression of his appreciation for art. I think his job was the work of art. Seriously, i haven't had my hair looked so damn good in a while. Hee...I'm praising him because I am grateful that he did not mess up my hair like the last hairdresser i went to see for my haircut. Anyway, thanx a lot MAI...My junior who introduced me to this special salon which I'm gonna be a regular client at, from this moment on....

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Harsh Reality

You can have the best talent above everybody else, you can have the most genius of brains, you can be the hardest working person or you can have the purest of heart, but you will always be second to PRETTY PEOPLE. Harsh? That's life. Nothing beats life, my friend. You see, you think this world has changed, but really it has not. I for once thought that if I worked hard, and be nice to people they would treat me as they would treat anybody else. But, no. You think they treat you the same but they don't. They want you to think that way. And we do.
Today, is the day we stop thinking that way. It's time for us to wake up now. the world is unfair. We knew that. But, what bothers me is the fact that the same visually unattractive people who discriminate against their own kind. They treat all these pretty people like they are the Royal family or something. Seriously, to all of the not so attractive people of the world, be realistic. If you are nice to these pretty people, their prettiness is not going to rub off against you. You are not going to be pretty just by treating these pretty people nicely. One other thing, do you not notice that these pretty people take your niceness for granted? They like being the center of attention, so why do you contribute to inflating their ego more? Haish...Wake up!! They don't care about you. All they care about is getting free rides, free stuffs and bottomless compliments from us the 'so not attractive people'. Do you think they want to hang out with us if it was not for something we have which they can benefit from in the future? NO..I don't think so. An believe me, there's a reason why I call these pretty people, PRETTY. Because that's just what they are. Nothing more. It takes a lot more for them to be beautiful. Unattractive people can be beautiful but not pretty, attractive people can be so pretty but ugly. I'd like to quote my friend Ili from he Facebook status:

"I do believe that beauty is only skin deep, the person inside is much more important as it is them who you will be spending the rest of your life with. Beauty is a passing phase in life and even the most beautiful person will become old and no longer beautiful, the true love of their partner will be found out then."

I hope she believes that with all her heart as I do.