Monday, November 1, 2010

Annoyance to the max.

Okay. I was doing my thing, not bugging anyone, except some people, only because i was asking around if they happen to have microsoft office 2007 installer.
My Desktop was reformatted 2 weeks back and everything has to be reinstalled for the desktop to work properly. The computer whiz in my office installed Microsoft Office 2003 in my computer. So, you can guess the annoyance i get when I can't open any form of documents created from the microsoft office 2007 software. My previous work was saved in the '.docx' and '.xlsx' format, meaning no work day for me. ..ha ha, I wish.

Anyway, suddenly my office phone was ringing and i picked up. There was this really uncharacteristically loud voice on the other end greeting me and asking me how my day was going.
Heck. he even asked if I already had my breakfast? seriously WTF??

Can you imagine how the salesperson for telemarketing talks you into buying any of their stuffs and ask you to post in some money for payment? Okay, imagine that times 238.

Damn! he said i was the lucky selected few from F*IM who will get free 2 days and 1 night stay at any hotel in Malaysia which are under the Orient group company. He asked me to spare him 5 minutes from my day and allow him to explain/con me into taking the offer.

Of course there was an underlying term/condition that I have to succumb to in order to materialize that offer (betulkah vocab aku?).

He went on and on about how good their hotels are especially the one in Krabi and Sarawak and Bali. Heck, when will I get the chance to go there? definitely not now or next year. For Sure!
This guy was trying to sell me as though I go to holidays all the time, like I have all the money in the world to do that...Hello!!! Student here. Bengong!

After he went on for about 10 minutes>>>By now,I seriously was on the verge of jumping off a cliff listening to him. ok, memang tipu. mane ade cliff kat sini. he said, you should totally register as our member to enjoy all the benefits I've mentioned just now.
Herk, I have to register? bukan ko kate tadi free ke?


I thought there was a catch. So, it appeared that I have to pay an amount of RM568 to enjoy the benefits as well as the FREE 2 DAYS I NIGHT STAY in a deluxe room at any hotels in Malaysia that are under their company group.
DAmn!! I wasted a good 15 minutes listening to him rambling on and on about this 'promotion' that only a few selected lucky people get to enjoy.
TIPU !!!!!!!!!!!

Hehe, anyhoooo...the joke was on him.
While he waited patiently for me to say 'Alright, make me a Member',
I pulled out the phone cord/cable and just hung up.


No babai, no thank you.
Just ......