Monday, December 5, 2011

It is a start

COld. It shouldn't be this cold so early in the morning.
Breakfast is a null as always with me. Calory burning is always an option i choose to ignore.
SO, no biological heat to warm me through.

Mondays are always mellow. I avoid coming into the office whenever i can, just so i can fool myself into believing the weekend is still on when really it is the start of a new week. i need to get myself a shrink.

New things have braced my life all of last week. They didn't just appear, I somehow worked my charm and voila ! they were there. Something I've been dying to get my hands on.
Actually, there really was only one thing and the others were merely accessories, necessary ones if i might add. heehee..

This space i have created for myself has been neglected for a while. It does not deserve this kind of treatment. Abandonment is a crime against stable emotional state, and I am guilty without charge.

Oh, how I try to update. Believe, i do. But, there are just so many boring stuffs happening and unworthy of a post in here. Forgive me for I don't wanna sound generic nor cliche. Every fiber of my whole being is so against it, I cringe if I ever read another blog that talks about what they did 2 seconds ago, in the bathroom. I mean, really ?

Ok, enough with me rambling. Need to catch up with work.
It is a start of a new week.
Lets start then.

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