Thursday, January 6, 2011

And it starts

Happy new year.

I will not start with the obvious question of new year's resolutions. I have none.
Resolutions should not be made annually, or so i think. I think. yes. They should be a lifetime worth of effort. Me? i made the mistake of making resolutions every year. Too bad, i feel like a failure every year for not meeting most of the goals I set at the beginnig of each year.

Ok, so. starting this year and so forth I want to be more forgiving.
For the past years, forgiving has not been my most noticeable quality. I hold grudges. Yes. People and the world have not been too kind to me. Unjustice makes me angry. Irrelevance gone unnotice bewilders me. Bias is the word most practiced in action every second of the day.

If I can overcome unjustice, irrelevance and bias, maybe I can be more forgiving.
That also means turning a deaf ear, playing dumb, and succumbing to plain stupidity.

Which is it?