Friday, February 25, 2011


COurage is honour.

When someone does something out of the ordinary, courage takes place.

I am not afraid to be different.
I will not be what I know I cannot be.
I will not do something just because it was required of me.

I will not succumb...

For I have courage for my honour.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I do not understand it.
you have the most hurtful thing to say to a person and you do it via facebook.

to make it better, you don't do it with that person's name written next to the sayings, you make it GENERAL. 'pfff..'

As though everyone you know is as hateful as that person you are obviously describing because you just had a bitter arguement with him/her.

Why won't you just say it to their face?
especially when that person lives with you?
Why do you get all of us involved in this clearly immature, childish, imbecile-like rant on how that person is the most horrible human being ever created by God?

Will it make you feel better?
Because you think you could convey how you really feel to that person in question?
hey dumbo, if the person you are targetting happens to not read anything you write on your FB wall let alone even care about noticing any of your 'public cry for attention' posts, then what purpose would your post serve?

Oh.. I know. You think your fb friends will care.
Oh my. gimme a break. They DON'T.
the just love drama provided free by freaks like you so that they can have fresh juicy gossips to talk about when they have nothing better to do.
Losers like you are their favourite prey. They act like they care just so you spill out more stuffs you know you wouldn't spill on a normal day.
Best yet, they'd probably be laughing at you behind your back, just because they think u freaking deserve it.

Yes, they are fake like that.

Plus, if you're almost a quarter century old, and you still do that, it is just plain LAME.

Grow up.