Monday, March 30, 2009

I am back !!!

i wasn't here most days of last week. Went to Temenggor-Belum (it's a virgin jungle forest reserve in case u guys are wondering). Spent 2 nights in there, sleeping in a tent or a hut..I'm not sure myself. But, it was acceptable since I thought I was gonna be sleeping on the forest floor like in a scene u see in cowboy movies with the fire and coffee boiling in a kettle hanging from a dead wood. Huish...thank You god..!!
Anyway, it was a nice trip. I got to meet the team and see the study site. Gosh! It was a huge study site, say about 300 hectares. And, yes, my study will cover the whole area. haish...
But, I'm not fussing. It is a nice challenge. what sense? I'll figure it out later.
Last week on March 23rd we pulled a prank on Niko. His birthday was later that week on the 26th. We pulled the prank earlier because we knew he would have foreseen the prank and expected it on the night of his birthday. Hehe...we're smarter than you Niko!! For his prank, we gathered a big supporting team with two cops and two of luq's other friends. We planned to catch him performing inappropriate sexual conduct at his place late at night, with yours truly. one else was brave enough to do it so, they asked me. I said yes with little hesitations. Anyway, I never seen Niko so stressed and scared all this time i've known him. Hehehe...Needless to say, the prank went pretty well. When the rest of the gang came in with the cake and sang him Happy Birthday, he was sort of touched and tried to hide in the balcony. I don't know how he managed to open the door with his hands cuffed behind, but i guess people do fight to find a way to salvage whatever's left of their dignity. He had to after the urine test the police asked him to do. Wakakaka..I know, the police somehow managed to convince him that he could be charged with possessions of drugs and misuse of cough syrup just because Luq 'mistakenly' left those things lying around Niko's place that night. Super Brilliant huh?
Sorry Niko. You know we love you.
So, that was last week. Yesterday, was Niki's birthday (March 31st). We pulled a prank on her too of course. Remember the saying, No good Deed goes unpunished? Hehe, these people just had to make sure Niki got her fair share of the prank, this time being at the receiving end of the process. We brainstormed a whole night to come up with a great plan as we didn't think we could come up with something that could top what we did to Niko and Luq. Well, we sorta thought what we came up with was good. The material was something that could be worked with more elaborations. We just didn't have enough time as most of the gang weren't around much last week. The whole storyline went like this. We asked (we being Luq and Niko) Dr Wan to join the prank. We asked to give Niki a whole load of work that supposedly must be submitted the day after which we made sure was impossible to do. This was done a day before her birthday. So, SLAM!! tonnes of work a day before your birthday? BUMMER !!! She has this weakness of fearing that she would not be able to please everybody. We worked with that fear. We told her we were going out to celebrate her birthday that night. She didn't wanna say no but she had to finish the 'impossibly hard to finish on time' work given by Dr Wan. We kept pressuring her to finish the work faster so she could be able to go out with us later that night. One more thing about Niki, she can't handle too much pressure. We wanted to get her mad and angry. We got her mad and angry all right. She actually threw a book to make sure we got the message that we should stop pressuring her. Ngeh..!!! Exactly as planned.
In the end, we sang her happy birthday and she blew the candles on the cake. She said "Thanks guys, but I've got to finish this assignment first before we go out to celebrate". We just laughed so hard that tears started rolling down our eyes. She actually thought that Dr Wan gave her the assignment for real. We told her it was part of the prank. She didn't believe us. We told her to give Dr Wan a call. She did. She felt so betrayed because she didn't think Dr Wan would actually agree to be part of the prank. Hehehe...We had to think out of the box Niki.
Hugh...I have written so much that my fingers are actually hurting right now. There's more to this entry. Maybe I'll continue with the rest of the story later. But for now, this is what I am capable of putting down in words. Later people...

Friday, March 20, 2009

Catching up

I have been pretty busy these past two weeks..Writing scientific journals for my beloved supervisor. I haven't actually had the time to update my blog. Things had happened, people and I was not able to share everything with you readers yet. So, hopefully I'll be the best story teller there ever was, and be able to write everything that i have missed to write in here.

So, on Feb 26th, I planned a prank to get Luq (a very annoying friend of mine) on his birthday. At first, nobody wanted in in the prank cuz it involved taking luq's car away making it look like it was stolen. Hehe, but somehow with the power of God, I managed to convince them that it was doable. Later that night, we executed the plan with no bump on the road at all (none at all, we were very amazed how the whole plan went really smooth). We bought a cake, and waited for him at a local restaurant here with his car as well, of course. We did a little makeover for his car, just to make it more interesting (if u call putting newspaper all over a person's car interesting..Ngeh!!). Luq came over the restaurant way later than planned (somehow he managed to get the whole neighbourhood concerned with his missing car---> the friendly neighbourhood luq...haish !!) thinking that we planned a surprise party for him cuz we sang happy birthday and asked him to blow the candles (at this point, he still didn't have the slightest clue that his car was right behind the restaurant, thanx to us of course). He said he was touched by our gesture, u know remembering his birthday and bla bla bla...He said, he wanted to be very happy but, his car was missing. Hehe...HOMERUN !!!
So, all through out dinner and cake eating, we asked him how his car went missing, out of courtesy. He got all these theories about how his car could have been stolen. He said, he probably left the keys in the car and the god forsaken thief took the easy opportunity without looking back twice. He blamed himself that he made it so easy for the thief. Huhu..SCORED !!! That's exactly what we wanted him to think. the truth is, he did lock his car and kept the keys in his bag. We sent niko into his house to get the keys and divert his attention. Huhu, didn't know he could be forgetful---> I guess when u face that kind of situation, the easiest way is to believe the worst or the clumsiest act.
As the night progressed, we planned (with luq) to go sing karaoke in Kajang. But, first he needed to lodge a police report about his missing car. I know. Why didn't he go do that first before coming to the restaurant. Apparently, friends who planned your surprise birthday party come first. He still had no idea the car was right behind the restaurant at this point. Before we left the restaurant, we asked him to come with us to go to our car that was supposedly was parked at the back of the restaurant. We said that we had a present for him in the car and that it was too heavy for us to carry it over to him.

We went to the back of the restaurant. He saw the car. We were already laughing inside when he laid his eyes on the car. Do u guys know the first thing he said when he saw the car? " This is the car i was telling u guys about. It looks just like my car from a far. But, seriously why would anyone cover a car with shredded newspaper?" The rest of us were like, 'Dude !!! that is your car!!' he went over to the back of the car (his car) and saw the license plate number. BAM !!! it matched his license plate number. He said " EH, this is my car. How did it..?"
We just couldn't hold it in anymore. The rest of the gang just started laughing our heads off. It took him about 10 seconds to process the whole synchronize laughing and finally got it. He was PRANKED by US !!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..!!!!

He got mad, and started taking all the shredded newspaper, turned them into wet newspaper balls (it was raining that night) and threw them at us. His throws were mostly accurate hitting Hadi, me , Niki, Ina, Rina and Niko. That wasn't enough. He made sure every got a taste of his fist on their backs. It hurt.

He was amazed how we managed to pull it off. How we got him convinced that his car was really stolen. Well, that was all thanx to Niko. He was the psycho assigned to mess with Luq's head. hehehe...Sorry Luq, we're all in our 20's now. Egg throwing and prank calls are so last century. We had to raise up the bar a little. At least, we will always have this with us for the rest of our lives. Later u can tell your grandchildren a story that starts with "It was a night when I thought my car was stolen" Hehehe..

Friday, March 6, 2009

QUirks and Facts

share 7 facts about yourself on your blog
tell 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
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7 facts about me:

I am a GIRL

I ride a scooter to school/work

I love chocolate

I have three two big bros and 1 little bro (not so little now)

Sometimes my mom thinks she gave birth to 4 boys

I like watching Ugly Betty (it's funny!!)

I've never kissed a horse before (it's a fact..hehe)

unspectacular quirks of mine:

I like watching Hindi movies sometimes..(ngeh..!)

I sometimes miss showering in the morning (when the alarm goes silent..and i have a about another 5 seconds to be at the lab)

I hate being on a diet (although I seriously have to)

I like putting off work until the very last minute..

I get really agitated with stupid people who think they're right all the time eventhough the whole world knows he/she is wrong

I don't really put much attention into being beautiful and attracting guys..(I just don't get the whole idea)

I think I have no idea why I think I must do this tag..(hehehe..because if I don't, I'll never get tagged again?..heee)

there...quirks and facts of mine..ENJOY..!!